Creative Customized Programming


Anastasia Woyna is the office manager for Creative Customized Programming. She is new to the world of programming, but does have over 9 years of experience in customer relations. She is enjoying the challenge a new industry and position brings and is excited for the opportunity to break out of her comfort zone. Since she recently moved "to the country" she is enjoying learning even more about the seed industry and is using this knowledge to impress her neighbors.

About Us

Creative Customized Programming was founded in 2013 and instantly began working on Seed System Solution, the premier data management solution for the seed production industry.  Our mission is to provide you with a solution which not only meets your needs but your wants.  Our team is dedicated to learning your business and providing you with the best system on the market.


  • Barcoding?
  • RIFD?
  • ​PDF Storage?
  • Electronic Signatures?

​We can help.

Charles Wiltgen spent nine years working in computer controlled manufacturing where he learned the importance of attention to detail and proper data management.  He has been programming computers and machines in one way or another since he was in high school, and now he has the privilege to use his abilities and knowledge in the seed production industry. 

Lisa Wiltgen has been programming data management solutions for over 15 years.  She has worked on solutions for special education programs, food service and manufacturing before turning her skills to a solution for seed production.