Creative Customized Programming


"We have a much higher confidence in our software providers than we have had before.  The response time and follow through has been fantastic compared to past experiences."

"Our staff feels much more comfortable navigating through the screens and processes than before."

"We now have the ability for outside staff to log in via iPads and have the same screen appearance as we do on the desktop."

"Charlie and Lisa have been very attentive to our needs and wants and have done whatever they can to address those, rather than telling us that the program 'can't do that,' they find a way to make it happen."

Run your operation the way you want to.  Unlike most solutions on the market, Seed System Solution can be customized in any way you would like.  We go far beyond just putting your logo on every layout.  Do you offer special customer incentives?  Do you have any special reports you like?  We will add anything you would like to the system.


End of the season reporting can be a time consuming process.  Seed System Solution tracks all of your trait and genetic reporting information throughout the year making reporting as simple as exporting a few reports.

Why use one program for sales, another for customer relations, and a third for production.  Seed System Solution includes all of these features in one, easy to use solution.  Track all of your growing contracts, purchase orders, sales orders, quality and customer communications in one place.


Does It All

We know how important it is to be able to get your important information anywhere and now you can.  Seed System Solution can be accessed from your laptop, tablet or iPhone, anywhere you can get an internet connection.  Take orders while visiting a customer.  Enter field inspections while standing in the field.  Check your inventory while working with your dealers.


    Seed System Solution

your new data solution


In 2013 Creative Customized Programming, Inc developed one of the newest and most versatile data management solutions for the seed production industry on the market.  Seed System Solution was developed for seed production companies with the help of seed production companies.  Take a look at some of the features...